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What is Relining for Same-Day Denture Repairs in Childersburg, AL?

added on: February 14, 2023

Rice DenturesHave you had dentures for years and struggle with them being uncomfortable? It might be time to talk to your Childersburg dentist about an easy, affordable denture repair — that we can do in just one day! One of the most common types of fixes most dentures need is something called a reline.

Let’s take a look at what this is all about and why it’s necessary for your ongoing comfort and confidence. 

A Little Bit About Denture Relining

In the process of repairing aging dentures, the process of relining can help them to have a better fit in your mouth. Because the shape of your mouth and gums change as time goes on, this can leave your dentures no longer fitting the way they used to or should. Unfortunately, even just using and caring for your dentures normally will affect how well they fit. This might be the time your dentist in Childersburg would recommend a reline for your denture repair. 

Why is Denture Relining So Important?

In order for your dentures to do their job correctly and comfortably, it’s essential that they fit the shape of your mouth and gums. We don’t want them to move or slip around, especially when you’re trying to speak or eat. If your Childersburg dentures become loose over time, Dr. Garry Rice  might recommend a reline where we’ll shave some of the material off of your dentures. The material is then replaced with a special material designed to help your dentures rest easily on your gums, without discomfort.

Do My Dentures Need Relined?

Generally speaking, your dentist in Childersburg might recommend one of three relining procedures:

  • Temporary
  • Hard
  • Soft

All of these methods are effective when your dentures no longer fit right due to issues such as water retention, weight loss, weight gain, or a health issue. Regular wear and tear also lend themselves to you needing some type of denture repair or reline. Luckily, you have the team at Rice Dentures to give you the freedom to smile and live life with a new sense of self-confidence. 

Dental relining will help you and your dentures feel better. Let us show you your options and how it will only take one office visit to help you get the results you’re looking for. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Rice today! Find out why he’s Childerburg’s same-day dentures dentist. Call (256) 380-4002 or contact us online

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