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Get to Know the Benefits of Childersburg Digital Dentures in 2023

added on: January 3, 2023

Rice DenturesWelcome to the New Year! Dr. Garry Rice and the team at Rice Dentures wish you improved and continued health and wellness. 

This could be the year you do dentures. Why not go digital? We want to show you our amazing digital dentures that are affordable and available when you need them. Our office is specially designed to create your custom digital dentures in our in-house lab as your next-level Childersburg dentist. Not only are they quick to make, but your dentures are also made of durable, long-lasting resin that will give you back the confidence to chew through the tough foods you know you love (and miss).

Learn a little more about the benefits of digital dentures in Childersburg:

Benefit #1: Zero shrinkage

Because you’re going to experience a more accurate fit than ever before, you’ll avoid the unavoidable shrinkage process that can affect new denture wearers. Digital dentures fit to within 50 microns. 

Benefit #2: Repair with ease

We store your unique digital mold in our office, so we’ll always have your smile on file at our dental office in Childersburg. Whether you need your dentures replaced or repaired, Dr. Rice can simply refer to your electronic denture “mold” for easier refabrication in our office!

Benefit #3 – Fewer adjustments

There are studies that show your new digital dentures will tend to need about 50 percent fewer adjustments compared to traditional dentures. Think of all the free time you have!

The future of dentures is available, right now, to you at our dental office in Childersburg. Highly skilled in providing digital dentures you won’t find anywhere else. Are you ready to see if you’re a candidate or ask us the questions you know you want honest answers to? 

We can take the time to listen to your concerns and walk you through what your treatment might look like. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Rice today! Find out why he’s Childerburg’s digital dentures dentist Call (256) 380-4002 or contact us online. The future of Childersburg dentures is here — more accurate, a saved copy, and fewer adjustments.

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