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Rice Dentures in Childersburg, AL

Sylacauga Implant-Retained Dentures

Revitalize Your Smile with Natural Looking, Secure Dental Implants

Do you have multiple missing teeth? Trouble eating and chewing? Notice your teeth shifting over time? It may be time to consider implant-retained dentures to revitalize the functionality and aesthetics of your mouth!

At Rice Dentures, Dr. Garry Rice and the team are here to be your partner through all things related to getting implant-retained dentures. From start to finish, the Rice Dentures team will be by your side to ensure that the process goes over smoothly and that you regain the appearance of a healthy smile. Implant-retained denture patients in Sylacauga, Childersburg, and Coosa Pines will tell you there is no better practice to revitalize your smile. Schedule a consultation to learn more!

What are Implant-Retained Dentures?

Implant-Retained Dentures are used to give those patients who are missing all (or most) of their teeth the appearance and functionality of a full smile. We do this by putting multiple implants in your mouth to act as a fake “root” for your full set of dentures to attach to.

Once the area has had time to heal (generally around 2-6 months), we will go in to fit your new set of dentures to the implant posts to ensure security and bite alignment. It’s that simple.

Rice Dentures

Rice Dentures

Benefits of Implant-Retainer Dentures

The main benefits of Implant-Retained Dentures include:

  • No More “Sunken” Face: When you are missing almost all of your teeth, you can start to get a “sunken” face look. By using implant-retained dentures, the set of artificial teeth fills your mouth to give you a more youthful appearance.
  • Improved Smile & Health: When you are missing several teeth, it can affect your health as a whole. Having our specialized dentures enable you to have a healthier diet and overall healthier well-being.
  • Better Chewing Power/Bite: Lastly, implant-retained dentures enable you to eat your favorite foods again — no matter how sticky or hard they are.
Same Day Denture Repair
With Our In-House Lab
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Digital Dentures
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Upgrade your smile with affordable digital dentures. They’re completely customizable and carefully crafted in-house in one day.
Snap-In Implant Dentures
Secure Your New Teeth in a "Snap"
Snap-in implant dentures enable you to eat what you want— without having to worry about them falling out.
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